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Thank you for visiting my website. Are you not feeling like yourself lately? Are you feeling stuck, helpless, worried, or insecure? Are thoughts of worries keeping you up at night? Is the depression starting to bring you down? Consider using this nonjudgmental space to explore these thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This is space for you to be heard, understood, and grow. Whether you are going through a transition, need to create healthy boundaries, heal from trauma, or need to manage the anxiety and depression, let's help you regain control of your life again. Use this space and time to gain greater understanding of yourself.

I enjoy working with teens & adults from various backgrounds. I'm happy work with you in gaining coping skills that help manage your triggers and stressors. Together we will work to reduce your anxiety, depression, stress, and increase your confidence.

I am committed to working together to help you gain greater insight and confidence in overcoming those emotional roadblocks. There is no better time than now to focus on your mental well-being. Together, let's set goals you want to achieve for yourself. I'm ready to support you on this journey. Please email or call me for a free consultation.